5 Practical Ways to Improve Your Background Screening Program

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Employment background screening

Background screening programs are now common, yet innovative organizations understand the need to periodically review and evolve their programs to achieve the best possible benefits. Fortunately, enhancing your employment screening program doesn’t always require complex changes. Here are five practical ways to improve your program that can provide your organization significant benefits.

1. Check Candidates and Employees to Maximize the Benefits of Screening
Threats of litigation for negligent hiring and workplace safety concerns continue to drive the need for businesses to know more about the individuals within their workforce. Surprisingly, job candidates are five times more likely to be screened than current employees, highlighting an overlooked risk that exists at many companies. Make a commitment to consistently screen existing employees in addition to new hires to help maintain a safer workplace.

2. Conduct Thorough Criminal Checks to Create a Safer Workplace
In the U.S. criminal checks are typically conducted at county courts, so a thorough check includes all locations of previous residence, employment and education. Check federal courts to reveal criminal records for incidents that are prosecuted in federal courts only (i.e. interstate and white-collar crimes). Another way to broaden a criminal check is to include a national criminal database check and then perform a county-level check to verify any potential records found.

3. Check Driving Records to Decrease Corporate Risk
Smart organizations make driving record checks mandatory for everyone driving on company time, since a person’s driving record can provide a glimpse of habits that could increase the liability risk of your business. Some states record driving-related felony convictions (such as a DUI) in driving records, making this check a vital complement to the criminal check.

4. Verify Education and Employment Claims to Confirm Qualifications
It is important to conduct a thorough verification of education and employment claims as studies have shown roughly one-third of applications contain misrepresentations. Be sure to verify education credentials at the source and confirm the validity of every institution. When confirming employment history, be certain to verify the dates of employment, exact titles held and actual compensation.

5. Dig Deeper with Special Searches for More Insight
There are highly effective checks available that can provide more information about the backgrounds of the individuals in your workforce. Some examples include checks for sex offenders, narcotics traffickers, known terrorists, sanctions, professional licenses and more. As the business world becomes increasingly complex and the workforce more global, it is important to screen the workforce more broadly to encourage workplace safety and risk mitigation.

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