The Unstoppable Growth of the Gig Economy – And How to Best Prepare

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If you haven’t planned for this dramatic and accelerating transformation of the workplace — and the new laws being enacted to protect it — you may want to begin today. “Outsourcing.” “Contract work” or “freelancing.” “The extended workforce.” “The gig economy.” Whatever you call it, this very significant revolution in jobs and hiring is accelerating […]

Independent Contractors Gain New Rights in NYC Anti-Discrimination Law Update

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With little fanfare, the New York City Council approved a sweeping change to its employment laws in September when it updated its anti-discrimination rules to include independent contractors. In Int. 0136-A, a single-line amendment, the City Council expanded the New York City Human Rights Law so that it applies to not just traditional employees, but […]


5 Benefits of Background Screening by Staffing Agencies

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With many organizations still uncertain about the economic outlook, employers may be reluctant to meet immediate headcount needs by filling necessary positions with permanent employees. As a result, many organizations are turning to contingent or temporary workers to meet this demand for staffing. According to a study by Intuit, by the year 2020, contingent workers […]